About Us (A brief history of our beginnings)

Christian Academy in Mozambique (CAM) is committed to excellence in academics, Christian life, emotional maturity, and physical development for students in grades Kindergarten through Senior High School (K-12). Students are drawn from the missionary community, and others who
desire a Christian International education.

CAM offers an International curriculum which integrates faith and learning in ways that enrich the student's life style to include God as an integral part of all life. Excellence in all areas of life is the goal, and a variety of publishers are used to stimulate cognitive and effective learning, enhanced by teacher creativity. Enrichment and experiences are also included to help maximize the learner's God-given potential. English fluency is required.

HISTORY (1996-2004)

Christian Academy in Mozambique was started in September of 1996 as a result of expressed need for quality education from a Christian perspective using an American curriculum. One Mission Society, Inc., took the initiative to start the school as an integral part of opening its new field in Mozambique.

In a March 1996 survey trip by representatives of One Mission Society, 21 possible students were identified in meetings with missionary parents who expressed serious interest in the start-up of a new school that would address perceived needs in areas of academic scholarship, quality of instruction, and matters of discipline.  A possible site was located, and the One Mission Society team left with a commitment to return and open the school in September of that year, for students in all grade levels, Kindergarten through Grade 12. In answer to many prayers from Mozambique, England, Singapore, and the United States, the Lord enabled the materials for the school to be accumulated in Corvallis, Oregon at the home of founding director Dr. Claude Meyers, between the middle of April and the first of June, 1996, to be shipped by 40' container, via Seattle, New York, Amsterdam and  Durban, South Africa. The school originally met in one side of a duplex at Av.  Kenneth Kaunda, #1170. Johan Kok sublet the house to the school, as he was transferred to  Kuala Lumpur.  This allowed the school to move in without paying a sizable deposit.   He had only lived in the house about six months, but had overseen extensive renovation and improvement, so it was readily useable.  The facility provided not only sufficient classroom space, but also living accommodations for resident staff couple, Larry and  Susan Weil.

The first year staff of the Meyers and Weils was augmented by South African volunteers Lesley Harper and Thelma Leppert. Kenneth and Miriam Puckett came from the US in March 1997 to help finish the first academic year on June 20, 1997. Following a deposit payment to customs, the container was finally delivered to the school in November. Inspection of goods was done after delivery, and the balance of the customs deposit was refunded after the close of the first year in June. Parents and friends had loaned furniture so that classes could begin on September 12, just four weeks after Claude and Marilyn Meyers arrived in Maputo, and just two weeks after signing the sub-lease with Mr. Kok. The Meyers had brought 16 boxes of books as excess baggage on the plane so books would be available to start, even if the container did not arrive on schedule. The first year ended with 18 students in grades K-11. An enrollment of 33 ended the second year, of which 12 were in high school. Three students, Elisha Baker, Nathan Callender, and Beth Restrick were CAM’s first graduates, all of whom were accepted into university. Commencement exercises were held in the Anglican Church of St.Stephen and St.Thomas on Av. 24 de Julho. Fifteen organizations or individual families were represented from 8 countries. Twelve people were on the staff constituting 7 full-time equivalents. By the end of the 3rd school year in June, 1999, the enrollment was 36. Brother and sister Nelson and Barbara Marcondes from Brazil graduated in 1999, and were accepted by a university in the USA. In the fourth year, Judith Mattheis and Helina Zewdu graduated and were accepted at Messiah College in Pennsylvania. That year the one-year lease extension had a 25% increase in rent. The enrollment increased to 45 students, before declining after the beginning of the new millennium due to tragic events in the community and unforeseen parent transition. Another site for the school was located and negotiations began for purchase of one of the two French school sites available. Funding letters were sent to missionary support constituents as well as parents of students. Papers were signed in July transferring ownership to One Mission Society, Inc. Possession of building was taken in July and classes started in August. In less than one year all funds were raised to pay for the building. Joshua Hulsey and Garreth Grottis were the first graduates from the new school site in June, 2001. Mary Restrick graduated in June, 2002, the 10th student to complete studies at CAM. Crystalyn Baker, Kara-Lee Ewert, Jennifer Telfer, and David Restrick graduated in June, 2004. Crystalyn and David were part of CAM when it started in 1996. Crystalyn’s parents hosted the first meeting during the March 1996 survey trip by One Mission Society. God has done amazing things in the intervening years His name is praised.